The company started its operations in the early 1991. The animal nutrition was the major part of the business from the beginning. The activities in this sector included mainly importing and trade of diverse animal feed assortment including agricultural commodities, ready animal feed and many other feed supplementary components. In 1995 the company started investing in the warehousing and production unit. With 100 % private capital , the green field investment was completed in 2001 when the company acquired the present look which is improving continiously. Since 2001 , the company operates under the name AGROINVEST DOO.

The know – how managerial team in both production and management of the company operations combined with most modern production equipment has been the success formula for the company.
We are devoted to the highest standards in the animal nutrition and therefore committed to provide  the best quality products for the animals. We serve every customer who has need of animal feed including farms, retailers and even individual farmers.
 Our distribution network is organized throughout the whole country enhanced with a fleet of our own vehicles with different load capacities and therefore we can say that our products can easily reach all the customers in the whole country
With all these, we distinguish as :

High quality supplier of animal feed.
Reliable and consistent business partner to all the customers groups we serve.
Ongoing improvement and development of the products quality and services with selection of the best animal feed components.

Our quality is our best marketing strategy



For the purpose of providing the full service in one place for our most valued customers, we supply for them broad range of grains and animal feed components.

Animal feed production

We have combined advanced technology by utilizing modern production equipment in our production facility with the up to date science knowledge of our expert personnel about the animal nutrition and the result is broad range ready animal feed mixtures for ruminants, poultry and swine in order to bring the best value feed for our most respected and valued customer.

Pet Food

Moreover, our dedication to the food industry is broaden by import and trade through exclusive distribution of the variety premium quality feed for your pets including food for dogs, cats and birds.


We have developed a distribution network that covers all the territory of the country. With many own trucks and smaller commercial vehicles we transport our products and therefore provide direct delivery to the final customer location.

International Transport

We also provide international transport service with our own trucks for all the companies that have need of truck transportation for their goods to the final destination in all the Balkans countries and few other European countries.


We work hard to combine the techology, knowledge and nature into qaulity value added animal feed and bring it to our consumer. Our prior commitment is to provide highest quality of the animal feed and consistency in the development in the production because we belive this is the only way to bring value to our costumer. Therefore, there is nothing that we value most that satisfied customer.


Our prior objective and commitment is to bring ever-desired quality of animal feed to the Macedonian farmer. We work and invest in the best technology to insure the necessary capacity for delivering animal nutrition solution. Our goal is to build permanent customer relationship with any single customer. We work to grow and contribute to sustainable growth in the Macedonian agriculture by delivering low cost and quality animal feed.

What we believe

In our ability to listen to our customers and tailor the solution for their problems and requirements.
In our responsibility to provide the best animal feed to our valued customer.
In the creativity and freedom and our ability to act in delivering successful solution to the animal nutrition.
In cooperation and continuous relationship with our customers for the only purpose to deliver them the desired custom made feed according to their requirements.
In continuous improvement and innovation of the products and services portfolio in order to satisfy all the customer needs and groups in the field of animal nutrition.



ISO 9001 : 2000

Our commitment to provide the highest quality products with the best possible service to the customers is enhanced by the international recognized system for quality management in business processes ISO 9001 : 2000. We have implemented this system in order to eliminate all the possible treats and be able to trace the mistakes in the complete business process starting from the purchase of the ingredients, production process, storing and distribution until they reach the final customer in any part of the country. Along with this, we implement and follow the highest production standards because the great product is result of many combining factors such as proper storing of ingredients, closed system of production with minimum human interaction, proper packing and warehousing and distribution which all includes high hygienic rules, proper assigned directions for work in the production and contemporary equipment and facilities like we do have.


AGROINVEST DOO is environmentally friendly company. We do not produce any pollution to the environment in form of waste from production process. More accurately, we have zero waste from the production process as all of the ingredients are 100 % utilized in the final product. 

  • However, our awareness for the environment is very high and therefore we try to eliminate any situation that it might bring unwanted effect upon the environment.
  • We  always take the highest precaution measures when purchasing raw materials in order to secure the highest quality of the raw materials and therefore we eliminate any possible threat of contamination.
  • We maintain the highest hygiene level in the whole area of the factory and we have physical separation of all the stages in the production process.
  • Every structure is built in a way that it fulfills all the necessary environmental requirements by law and our system of production is closed type and there is no interaction with the air.
  • The area of the factory is extremely well organized, clean and with many parks and trees planted.
  • Finally, in our concern and awareness for the environment we always try to contribute in financial terms, human resources or materials  in various type of organized environmental projects or groups of environmental activists.


We believe that every company success and growth is result of the competence and motivation of the employees. In the many years of existence on the market, we have combined the highest expertise personnel in the field. Therefore, our team includes experts from the animal nutrition, veterinarians, marketing and management and skilled labor in the production. However, because of the complexity and broadness of the field of animal nutrition we integrate external highly qualified personnel especially nutritionists and veterinarians as well as many relevant institutions  in order to provide the best quality according to the highest findings and developing in the animal nutrition.

We always provide the best education and training for the professionals in the company and always practice the teamwork which we value the most. Therefore, every decision is made on the team meetings and each one opinion and expertise is taken into consideration because we believe that every relevant opinion is worth to listen and best decision is never made by only one person but by group of experts.


All of the facilities are situated on one central location in Prilep. The complex of structures is spread over an area of 15 000 m2 which accommodate the administration, production and warehousing units. All the structures are new and built according to the highest industry and feed safety standards. They are positioned to accommodate the succeeding stages of the production process and support continuous and automated flow of the raw materials from the first stage of acceptance of the primary ingredients, milling of the same, transporting , mixing , packing until the last stage of warehousing of the final product.



    Proper storing of the primary raw materials is secured in the outside silos for grains and flour ingredients. The concrete silos contains six detached internal chambers that can accommodate big quantity of six different materials used in the production process. These chambers are with conical ending and therefore it can accommodate every ingredient used in the production. Moreover, next to them are the three separate metal silos also with conical ending which are connected with automated equipment with the concrete silos and therefore they provide easy flow of the raw materials in each of the total nine storing chambers..



    The production process is automated and controlled from one control room. The milling process is in separate structure located next to the silos. After the milling of the primary ingredients they are transported in the following stage of production. The production equipment is situated in the following warehouse with 500 m2 area. This structure accommodates all the stages of the production process after the milling of the primary ingredients. In horizontal flow we have storing in separate chambers, dosing , adding of pure minerals, vitamins and other feed additives, mixing , storing of ready product and packing.



    Machinery and equipment used in the production process is crucial for the highest quality feed production. Therefore, we use equipment only from experienced and established companies which have been experts in the field internationally. The primary control in the reception of the raw materials is performed in two stages of quantity and quality inspection. For quantity inspection we use modern electronic truck weighting platform. Quality inspection is performed in the laboratory by different pieces of equipment for chemical analysis of the products. Furthermore, reception of the primary ingredients into the silos is automated process supported by connected transporters of different type. The milling process is handled by hammer mill for milling feed ingredients used for further processing and mixing into ready animal feed. The further process contain many supportive silos, combined in simple order to provide functional and fast flow of the feed ingredients through system with no or small stop for inventory keeping. The dozing system and the mixer are most up to date equipment present on the market. The automatic pneumatic dozing system with high precession and speed is used for loading the necessary feed components into the final stage of mixing them into animal feed. Separate system of automatic units is used for adding special feed additives and components , vitamins and minerals which are present in very small quantities in the final product. The mixing procedure is performed by horizontal batch mixer designed to give even mixture in less than 5 minutes. The mixer is entirely built a sturdy steel sheet of stainless steel. The special large reel with opposed scrolls is used to thoroughly mix the product. The mixer has capacity to accept and perfectly mix into ready animal feed 1 ton of feed ingredients at the time. Packaging of the feed is carried by electronic automatic bagging and sewing equipment with high speed and great precession.

    The whole process of production is built in order to fulfill the requirements of the feed safety standard HACCP and the total production process is controlled by the implemented international system of quality ISO 9001 : 2000.



    The warehousing of the final products is available in three physically separated warehousing units which all together sum up in total warehousing area of 1 100 m2. All of the compulsory conditions required by the feed safety standards for warehousing of feed are maximized in each unit separately.



    The continuous administration tasks of the management are handled from the separate fully equipped administration building. This is a modern building which includes premises for the management, conference unit, laboratory and separate apartment for business guests.


Proper storing of the primary raw materials is secured in the outside silos for grains and flour ingredients. The concrete silos contains six detached internal chambers that can accommodate big quantity of six different materials used in the production process. These chambers are with conical ending and therefore it can accommodate every ingredient used in the production. Moreover, next to them are the three separate metal silos also with conical ending which are connected with automated equipment with the concrete silos and therefore they provide easy flow of the raw materials in each of the total nine storing chambers..